November 2021: Ministry Update

I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever. Psalm 86:12

Yunior and Albert are loving the taxi business! Jeff talks with them frequently and they are so excited to share their adventures in the taxi. They have hired a driver named Felipe who is not a Christian. Yunior and Albert run the taxi 6 days a week, and for 3 of those days Albert rides with Felipe and the other 3 days Yunior gets to ride. I would love to put a camera in the taxi to catch what goes on…it would make a great reality tv show! 

The gospel is shared continuously and people are ministered to throughout their entire ride. The guys are so comfortable loving people and getting to know each of their customers stories and sharing from their own experiences that by the end of the ride total strangers are now friends and return customers. Felipe may not know Jesus now, but there is no doubt he will have heard the good news and will have to make a decision about what to do with Jesus. I know this taxi ministry has blessed many people but none more so than Yunior and Albert. 

Thank you for praying for them and their families. Yunior’s wife, Yaili, has a pituitary tumor and has been unwell for some time now. She has suffered with this for years and has had it removed, but it keeps coming back. She is certain the Lord will heal her whether that means the tumor will disappear or she gets to go home to be with Jesus. Thank you for praying for her and the family. 

Yunior, Yaili and their four children

Albert, Filipe, and Yunior

Things are still going well in Uganda with the Maternity Home. We get frequent updates from Pastor Kato and we look forward to seeing the completion of this project next month. I’ve attached a quick video that he took of the inside of the building.

Also, a quick update from Nepal, Pastor Sanjeep was sent the money that the kids from Trinity Presbyterian School, here in Montgomery, raised in their monthly fundraiser Change 4 Change. He was so thankful to Richard Chandler and the staff at TPS for helping him and his ministry. He couldn’t believe that kids were able to gather $3000 in coins and be such a blessing to he and his family. Thank you Trinity Presbyterian School for making a real difference in the world!

Jeff and Richard (on right) with students from TPS

We have so much to be thankful for and as we get closer to the end of the year we can look back and see the hand of God at work in us through TREC. It’s so very exciting to see all the Lord has accomplished and provided during a really difficult time in our ministry. The Lord is Faithful and True and He will bring forth what He has promised. When we took the first steps to make TREC a reality in 2004 we knew that this mission was not something we could sustain. We knew our abilities and talents and how much we lacked. The Lord assured us of His ability and that He wasn’t looking for us to do anything but trust and obey. We are counting our blessings in 2021 and look forward in anticipation to all the Lord will do in 2022.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and we pray you have a sweet time reflecting on all the Lord has accomplished through you!

- Jeff & Trudy


April 2023: Ministry Update

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February 2023: Ministry Update

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