We exist to fulfill

The Great Commission

TREC International has a unique and specific method of doing missions. We TEACH, REACH, EQUIP, and COMFORT to fulfill the Great Commission. The “TREC” method is a tested and effective way of doing missions that involves developing international partnerships and inviting the local Church of America to get actively involved in this work.  As you become part of our TREC team you can be involved in one or more of the following:


The Gospel is on the rise in Cuba through the house church networks, but there is still great work to be done!


Your team could bring Jesus into orphanages, leprosy colonies and more in India as you share the love of Christ with the least of these.


Nepal is primarily Hindu and Buddhist, but Christianity is on the rise. Will you be a part of sharing the hope of Christ?


Uganda is a religiously diverse nation with Christianity being the most widely professed. In Uganda 31% of people live in poverty.



TREC, International provides biblical, pastoral, and leadership training to the churches we are partnering with around the world.

Most of our training sessions last 3-5 days and are effective in equipping these men and women of God to do His work. There’s a place for you to TEACH with us.


TREC, International is about sharing the Gospel in word and deed.

Each TREC team goes through four training sessions to prepare how to effectively share the Good News in the villages they will be working in. How exciting it is to see God use our TREC Teams as we partner with local international churches to reach the lost! We get to see our God change people right in front of our eyes. We not only want to equip you to reach the lost internationally, but also equip you to reach the lost in your own communities. There is a place for you to REACH with us.


TREC, International is strongly committed to equipping our international partners to do the work God has called them to do.

We do not want to create “Christian Welfare” where our partners are dependent on American dollars for survival.  Instead, we create small businesses for them, and these businesses support their families and ministries. Some examples are: Pig farms, goat farms, mountain taxis, fish ponds, provisional stores… If you have an entrepreneurial mind, you can be a great help for us to evaluate where and what kind of small businesses to start. There is a place for you to EQUIP with us.


TREC, International comforts those in need. 

We believe that gracious and kind acts of service by international churches in times of need help soften hearts to receive truth and also help establish these churches. We provide the means for the international churches to meet these great needs. People come to Christ wherever comforting exists, whether its through rebuilding homes after earthquakes, providing mosquito nets in malaria-affected areas, water wells for villages, clean water project, providing food for the hungry, or clothing for the cold. There is a place for you to COMFORT with us.