September 2020: Ministry Update

We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.

John 9:4

While we have been grounded due to the pandemic, the work has continued and the Word is changing lives! Though our hearts ache to be in Cuba and Nepal, we feel the urgency even more to equip pastors and help establish them. I believe that we will one day get back to our beloved friends in Cuba and Nepal, just because we are physically separated from the mission field and isolated from our partners does not mean that the work has stopped. There are still tasks to be carried out by the One who sent us. So, good news! Several projects are coming together in both Nepal and Cuba.

We have been raising money to help the Church minister to those affected by the mudslides in Nepal. Pastor Sanjeep has a deep burden for the families who lost their homes and family members in the recent slides. We are so happy to share that we have successfully sent money (without the government swiping it), and the building projects are in process! We are also helping Pastor Sanjeep to build his own home. He and his family presently live in the upper floor of the church. It was a temporary fix, but now that their youngest (Prisca, 2 years old) is toddling around, it isn’t safe for her. There is also no rest for a pastor who lives in the church, as you can imagine.

On the Cuban front, Pastor Ricardo has leased land that he and the church members plan to farm. This farm land is a HUGE blessing because people will be fed and can also sell what they harvest to support the ministry. We are currently raising funds to help buy a tractor. So, as you can see, we’re like ducks…on the surface we may look calm, but underneath we’re working like crazy! There is still so much work to do; thank you for doing it with us. We love you and appreciate you more than you know!

Jeff & Trudy McFarland

Our friend and partner in Cuba, Manuel, has been working with his father-in-law, Pastor Luis to get the food supplies to the people in the villages who are in the most dire need. He sent us this story and pictures so you could know a little about who you are helping. A little bit from a lot of us goes an awful long way when we are about the Father’s business. Thank You!

Meet Milagro and Jose. They have been married for 38 years. They live in Jarahueca, a town located on the north side of Sancti Spíritus. Back in the day it was very famous for its hand made shoe factories that were heavily affected by government regulations and end up being confiscated or taken apart by local authorities. Now days main employment is farming, that’s what most people do in this almost forgotten village.

Milagro is in her 70s and Jose is 85 years old and although he might look healthy, he has been diagnosed with diabetes, osteoporosis and just a couple years ago had surgery to remove a blood clot traveling from his left leg up to his heart, thankfully he made it out alive, given the high death rate in the country due this complications. Jose being unable to work and barely able to walk around long distances, Milagro has been taking care of her husband for the last years.

The only income for them is a retirement check Jose gets from the government every month (given that he worked in local government farms most of his life, to a point where he was promoted to Jefe de Cooperativa or Farm Overseer) and the little help their daughter is able to send them from Havana. They also have a son but here is where their biggest suffering begins.

Not even a year ago a terrible crime took place and shocked Jarahueca for life.
A young woman was found dead in a sugar cane field, Jose’s son had committed the crime and he was sentenced to 28 years of prison. At the time of my visit he had been in jail for only 8 months. Milagro and Jose hope to see their son walking free again before they die. They are both christians. God have given them the strength to endure through such a difficult time. They are thankful to everyone who made possible for them to get help.

Keep Milagro, Jose and their family in your prayers 



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