April 2024 – Ministry Update

We had two great missions to Cuba and so many great stories of how the Lord prepared the way and provided. We love it when we can share with you what others on the mission have to say about working in Cuba. Greg Pinkham and Dwayne Hughes, both on their first mission to Cuba, have some thoughts about getting their faith dirty!

Last night, as I took a hot, high-water-pressure shower in a communist country, I couldn’t help but reflect on the extraordinary day I’d just experienced. Visiting homes, meeting people, and witnessing God’s powerful movement—it was more than any of us had imagined when we arrived in Cuba. 

Today, both before and after lunch, we split into 3 teams and ventured out for 2.5 to 3 hours visiting the community that surrounded the church. What we witnessed was nothing short of divine. We saw prodigals return and many pray to receive Christ . Tomorrow we anticipate the church will overflow with new and renewed believers. Street evangelism was Jesus’ model. It’s wasn’t confined to ornate pulpits or hallowed halls; instead, it unfolded amidst the traffic, the noise, and the hurried footsteps of people heading nowhere. There we get to witness miracles not in grand cathedrals, but in the ordinary: a smile exchanged, a hand held, a broken heart mended. In the streets, authenticity reigns supreme. There’s no script and no rehearsal. Just imperfect people connecting with other imperfect souls, armed not with eloquence but with vulnerability. And in that vulnerability we find common ground. It’s the kind of evangelism that thrives on spontaneity. You never know who you’ll encounter —a skeptic questioning God’s existence, a lonely soul seeking solace, or a hardened heart softened by grace. These encounters defy our neatly outlined plans. They’re messy, beautiful, and utterly real. And sometimes, in the midst of the conversations, seeds are sown that bloom into eternity. We step into lives marked by pain, addiction, and despair and listen to stories etched with sorrow. In turn, we offer a cup of living water, a warm embrace, and a glimpse of heaven. And the impact extends beyond the moment, rippling outward into waves of redemption. For example, the best story unfolded during lunch. Dwayne’s group led two men to the Lord that morning. As they were talking, one of their friends joined the conversation and expressed a desire to receive Christ too. Dwayne had the two new believers—reborn just minutes ago—lead their friend in the sinner’s prayer! It was the Great Commission happening all at once! I found myself wishing that God’s presence would manifest at home in the same tangible way it does here. In the midst of desperation, when Jesus becomes your sole supply, miracles cease to be rare occurrences. They become commonplace. Back home, we have it too easy. There is more abundant life in the poorest corners of third world countries than you’ll ever find in the comfort we have in the US. Don’t miss out on the privilege of serving Jesus in places you think are forgotten. That’s where He lives.

Greg Pinkhm

Some thoughts of Cuba:

1. Accountability: We live ashamedly comfortable lives in America. When I witnessed again the hurting, broken, and poor in Cuba, my heart broke, and I was ashamed. It has been too easy to spend time overseas and come home and sit in my lazy-boy chair. What I saw in Cuba – I was convicted and had to get another brother-in-Christ to hold me accountable to give and help the poor and needy more and more to the point of sacrifice to assist those made in Gods image – to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

2. Discovery: Finding out that God is doing more in Cuba than I saw or experienced. HE loves them
more than I ever could and will have his church firmly established among the Cuban people because of that deep love. This was confirmed when I talked to a restaurant worker who told me that he was a part of a house church network near the capital.

3. Bonding: Our U.S. team ate, laughed, shared, evangelized, prayed, and cried together while in Cuba. I believe this trip solidified a bond our own pastors and church are trying to build, develop, and strengthen in Alabama. It was both a beautiful and biblical experience – mirroring the Acts 2 church.

Dwayne Hughes

Missions brings everything into perspective. We’d love to come and share what is going on at TREC and let you know how your small group or church can get involved. Be the one to step out of your comfort zone and model the way to an adventure with the Lord you will never forget. The time is drawing near and people are hurting. Reach out to us…you won’t regret it!

Jeff & Trudy

p.s. I’ve added some photos of the guys and Lazarus (the car). It’s being repaired again…this time by a friend (Eduardo) of Yunior and Albert’s who is not a believer. Pray as the guys minister to him that he will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.

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April 2024 – Ministry Update

We had two great missions to Cuba and so many great stories of how the Lord prepared the way and provided. We love it when we can share with you what others on the mission have to say about working in Cuba. Greg Pinkham and Dwayne Hughes, both on their first mission

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