May 2020: Ministry Update

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want."

Psalm 23:1

News from Nepal...

We have been able to send the money for phase two of the rice/dal project, and lots of people are being fed because of your generosity. Here are a few of the many stories we are hearing from Sanjeep. Also, sorry about the pictures; we use what is sent, and I’ve left the text pretty much like it was sent to me. I’ve cleaned it up just a little so you should be able to understand. I’m so thankful to the Shepherd for His provision and care. Praying you also have stories of how He has shown Himself faithful during this quarantine time. We’d love to hear them!

His name is Santa Tamang, father of Raju Tamang. He is blind person, his son Raju sells bread on roads, bus park areas, anywhere. After lockdown he have no job. Police say can’t sell bread. They have no food and rice. After one week I heard from some people and I gave rice, food, and buy cooking gas. For 5 days they only eat one time because there was no food. We gave them food. Now they are happy

Her name is Mithu. She is not Christian but we call to her get food at church and she is so happy to hear that and she cried. She was so much thankful. We hope one day she received Jesus. Her husband is paralyzed since one year. Her older son lost when he was 10 years, so now she have big responsibility to care for her husband and family.

There is a family from the slum area in Pokhara. Last time we distribute rice there. Two families were pregnant women and they gave birth to baby. The woman had no food to eat so I heard this from one Christian brother and we went to give rice and food for 13 family members. For this we are very thankful to you and your team. God bless you all.


News from Cuba...

Dear brethren the actual situation is so complicated all over the world, and I know that on every place crisis is big. I beg to our GOD for all of our friends anywhere in the world so HE can comfort each of them. In our country crisis has been tremendous for over 60 years, plus now with COVID-19 this is something unexplainable. I want you to please pray for all the churches all over the Island so they can be sustained in the middle of this crisis. The shortage of food surpasses everything we lived till now, we pray for each of your families and congregations so the grace of GOD be upon you today and forever. 

- Pastor Luis

We want to remind you to go to and sign up to receive our newsletter online if you would like. Someone had asked if they could get the newsletter online but still send a check, and the answer is absolutely! And if it makes things easier for you, I can send you 12 return envelopes by mail. You can text me at 334-313-2530 or email me at and let me know. So many of you have signed up, and that’s awesome! Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Cuba and Nepal. I pray they will be a light in the darkness so that all may see how great our God is. We love and appreciate you all.

-Trudy McFarland


June 2021: Ministry Update

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May 2021: Ministry Update

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