June 2021: Ministry Update

Faith doesn’t make things easy…it makes things possible!


Farm in Cuba

Pastor Ricardo has been busy farming! In October 2020 we shared with you an idea about a livelihood project in Havana. Pastor Ricardo and family knew of some land that could be leased and wanted to start a project that would help support his ministry and family.

This project has evolved a little and he now has 22 cows. His plan was to put roofs on the already constructed sheds to house the cows. We presented this project to Centerpoint Fellowship in Prattville, AL, and last week we were able to start the process of getting the funds to Cuba! It is quite the ordeal trying to move money around the world…especially to Cuba, but the Lord is faithful! Not all things are easy but with God, all things are possible!

Speaking of livelihood projects, we have been sitting on some exciting news from Havana and hopefully, we’ll be able to share the details soon. Just know, God is at work and He can make a way!

Maternity Ward in Uganda

Pastor Kato sent us a short video clip of the progress being done on the Maternity Ward project. Every brick has been made by the Church and they are doing all the construction. Here are some statistics on the infant and maternal mortality rate.

  • 2020 Uganda is estimated to have an infant mortality rate of 46 deaths per thousand newborns.

  • In Uganda, mothers are dying at an alarming and increasing rate. Uganda’s Maternal Mortality Rate has consistently been one of the highest in the world with 440 deaths per 100,000 live births.

Many of you have given to this worthwhile project and we need many more to pray about getting involved. This is a big project and it will take a lot of money to see this to completion. We are also praying about who will go with us to help train, prepare, teach, and equip the staff that will be working here. We’ll need doctors, nurses, midwives, and doulas to pray about going to help. We’ll also need prayer warriors and evangelists with us in Uganda as well.

Start praying now and contact us when God gives you the green light. We need to start thinking about setting up the teams. If all goes as planned, we may be having a dedication service at the end of the year.

Jiwan in India

Now, I know it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Jiwan. But you can rest assured that he has been about the Father’s business. He sent us a message that I wanted to pass along:

Thank you for praying. Covid hit Siliguri and Darjeeling very badly. Many people died this time including Christian Pastors/Leaders. Many are still fighting. Lockdown is going on. I too was affected.

I was sick for about a month but by the grace of God and prayer of all the Saints and because of unfinished work of God, I came back to life. Now I am totally fine. Remember us in prayer, still many of our dear Brothers and Sisters fighting, especially in Balasun.


Please remember them and everyone in India and Nepal still struggling with Covid. We are hoping that we will have an opportunity to get back to India to work with Jiwan on some water projects as soon as things open back up.

Thank you for all you do to help spread the Good News of Jesus all around the world! Because of your generosity people’s lives are being made better through clean water projects and livelihood projects. More importantly, people’s lives are being changed through the power of the Holy Spirit and souls are being saved. What YOU do matters!

We couldn’t do it without you.

Jeff & Trudy McFarland


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