April 2023: Ministry Update

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Acts 2:21

Jeff has just returned from Uganda, and with each mission, we have a simple framework of a plan. We know the things that need to be done, in this case, go to the maternity ward to speak with the overseers, go to visit the medical clinic site to see the progress, and get a video of Uganda for the website. Check. Done. The best part about being on a mission for the Lord is all the other amazing things that He fills in our gapped-up plan with. The unexpected. It’s meeting people and sharing stories, and seeing how the Lord is moving and working in other parts of the world that are always so encouraging and faith-building.

And then I’m reminded of something Jiwan said a long time ago when we asked him what has been the greatest miracle he had witnessed the Lord do. Without hesitation, he said, “Oh, that’s easy…He changes hearts” And we will never grow weary of seeing that miracle happen! 

Update From Uganda

Construction for the medical clinic on Tisai Island in Uganda is underway, and Pastor Martin has been so helpful in overseeing this project for us. We have come to appreciate him and have seen how others respect him. Pastor Martin has a genuine love for his people, and we’ve witnessed how he treats every project whether big or small with a keen eye for details and a sincere concern for helping people and seeing them come to know Jesus.

At the maternity ward, babies are being born and we are hopeful that the church in Bwera can work with the local government to help provide midwives and a doctor to oversee the day-to-day tasks.

We have a few new livelihood projects in the works. We sent money to Pastor Martin and his family
to buy turkeys to add to their existing flock, and to the Akubui primary school in his village so that
they can farm turkeys and reap the benefits for the school. We are also helping this little school with windows and doors. CenterPoint Fellowship in Prattville, AL sent 3 used laptops for this school, and they were so appreciative of the gift.

Pastor Martin

We want to thank Dexter Watts and Hudson and Keller Hufham for all their hard work getting the video so that we can give you a glimpse into the world in Uganda. I know many of you may never get to go and see for yourself all the Lord is doing, but with Hudson’s gift and talent, you can experience it in a different way. Thank you guys for investing in Kingdom work!

We can’t thank you enough for all you do to advance the Kingdom. You are making a difference in people’s lives all over the world! Times are desperate, and people need Jesus!

We love and appreciate you,
Jeff & Trudy


May 2024 – Ministry Update

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April 2024 – Ministry Update

We had two great missions to Cuba and so many great stories of how the Lord prepared the way and provided. We love it when we can share with you what others on the mission have to say about working in Cuba. Greg Pinkham and Dwayne Hughes, both on their first mission

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March 2024 – Ministry Update

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