Thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Jeff McFarland and my wife, Trudy and I founded TREC in October 2004.  I was on staff at a local church and had been a worship leader for about 10 years when the Lord allowed us a glimpse of what He was doing on the other side of the world in India and Nepal.  We were invited to go on a two week trip to India that radically changed our lives.

We started out in a city that was dirty and depressing.  We saw depravity that was very in-your-face, idol worship and poverty unlike we had ever seen before.  There were half naked children running around in filth… it was like watching a train wreck; you didn’t want to, but couldn’t help yourself.  It tore at our emotions and drained us physically.  I thought to myself, “This would be good for me and will give me a better world view.  I’ll understand better what missions is all about, but I will never come back!”
The next place we found ourselves was in a village far away from the over crowded, smelly city.  This place was more peaceful and the people were so beautiful.  There was a church high up in the mountains, and the Christians were so joyous and welcoming.  We worshipped in a half finished building and had such a wonderful time fellowshipping with the Lord and His people.  Don’t get me wrong, this place was still poverty stricken, but it seemed happier.  The obvious difference was Jesus!  The real life illustration that the Lord gave me of “light” and “dark” was one that has been with me ever since.  It changed who we were and our perception of who God is.
We went home and could not get the sights and sounds out of our heads.  We wrestled with our thoughts, and really with God, about what to do with this information we were now held responsible for.  There was really only one solution… to simply obey.  I resigned my job, gave up a pay check, health insurance, and other benefits, and told God, “Yes, whatever you want me to do I’ll do it.”  Really, I was so tired of the struggle, there was nothing left to say, and soon after we founded TREC.  When we were in India we met a Nepali man named Jiwan and the Lord knit our hearts together like only He can do.  He gave us the same vision to see more people to come out of the dark, filthy, fearful life of idol worship and experience the love and peace that only Jesus offers.  He became our partner and we work with him in the foothills of the Himalayas.